Domestic Abuse Suicides

We have been researching Domestic Abuse related suicides this month and I've found it the most difficult piece of work I've done in a long time. We have been applying the method we used to construct the Homicide Timeline to understand what happens in the weeks and months before a suicide. The work is not... Continue Reading →

IPHT Training

We've had the online training available now for a couple of months and feedback has been so so positive. Thank you to those who have taken the time to get in touch with us, its always nice to connect, especially as we're connecting with people who have been victimised by coercive control and homicide, as... Continue Reading →

Homicide Case Work

It is our case work here at the Centre for Learning and Innovation in Public Protection (CLIPP) at the University of Gloucestershire that has inspired some of our research. Working on individual cases reveals the way some issues have such a significant impact and also reveals issues that are often seemingly invisible. The Hidden Homicide... Continue Reading →

Homicide Timeline Webinar

The Homicide Timeline Webinar will be happening on the 10th June between 1100 and 1300. Everyone who has expressed interest in the online training and sent me their email address will receive an invitation to the webinar. If you are interested please make sure I have your email. Those of you who gave me Twitter... Continue Reading →

Homicide Timeline Online Training

It is a fact that even before the Covid-19 lockdown there was an increase in domestic homicides. There has been another increase during the lockdown and sadly I predict this will continue. It’s important to recognise that the lockdown is not creating abusers, it is however bringing them out of the shadows. These homicides are... Continue Reading →

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