Homicide Timeline Online Training

It is a fact that even before the Covid-19 lockdown there was an increase in domestic homicides. There has been another increase during the lockdown and sadly I predict this will continue. It’s important to recognise that the lockdown is not creating abusers, it is however bringing them out of the shadows.

These homicides are not happening out of the blue, there is always a history. It may not be the history we expect, but it’s a history of patterns that we can learn about and understand so that we have a better chance of saving lives. Domestic abuse, coercive control, stalking and domestic homicide are inter-related and research has revealed a common pattern when risk starts escalating. We should all know about this pattern. I call it the Homicide Timeline.

I have attended hundreds of conferences and events to talk about the Timeline but it’s clearly not possible to continue travelling, and the social distancing measures will probably change the nature of training and conferences for quite a long time.

We have therefore designed an online course for professionals that explains the Homicide Timeline. It is available anywhere in the world and can be completed at a time to suit yourself. The course is not assessed but includes some questions and case studies and personal reflections from some families bereaved through homicide.

Everyone who registers and completes the course will be awarded a certificate to recognise their attendance

The Homicide Timeline is being used here and abroad to train police and probation officers, IDVAs, social workers, psychiatrists and psychologists, health professionals, housing officers, death review panel members and Chairs and many others. It is also being used to develop policy and practice in many organisations including national charities and police services.

The training can be accessed by individuals or through an organisation.

It is under development right now and we are confident it will be released on or by the 10th July. For further details you can contact me, you can also be added to the training list so you are updated on the release.

If you are interested the following links take you to an open access version of the research paper and a short ten minute film I made with HMPPS. Please use the download options when prompted:

Link to explanatory film: use download option


Link to open access research paper: use download option


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