Homicide Timeline Online Training is live

Version 1.1 of the training is now available. It has been designed to replace the face to face training that is so difficult now due to the Covid-19 restrictions. An online course also allows professionals to access the information at a time convenient to themselves and from anywhere in the world. It means that large numbers of professionals are not taken from their work all at the same time, and allows us to use different forms of content. Questions and interactivity with the trainers can still be achieved via the weekly webchats on Zoom for those who wish to attend.

We would like to thank Frank Mullane and AAFDA, The Hollie Gazzard Trust, The Alice Ruggles Trust, Stand Up to Domestic Abuse (SUTDA), Protection Against Stalking, and the families of Katie Wilding, Angela Best, Khaola Saleem, and Raneem Oudeh for their support and contributions.

Intimate Partner Homicide has risen significantly over the lockdown period and we are sorry to say this rise may continue into the future. It is more important than ever that we all understand coercive control and related homicides.

The Homicide Timeline is an evidence based model for understanding the way risk and threat can progress in a controlling relationship, and potentially end in homicide.

The content has three aspects to it:

  1. Sequential and interactive slides that explain key information
  2. Short personal films made by specialists and families bereaved through homicide talking about each of the stages in the context of their experience.
  3. Weekly webchats to ask any questions, discuss the training, its content and any related topics.

This course is structured into five modules. Each module will take between 30 minutes and an hour to complete.

Module 1: An introduction to the research

Module 2: Coercive Control and Intimate Partner Stalking

Module 3: The Homicide TImeline – stages 1 – 3

Module 4: The Homicide Timeline – stages 4 – 7

Module 5: The Homicide Timeline – stage 8

Everyone completing the modules will receive a certificate of attendance.

Here is a short personal film from the training made by Dr Monckton Smith talking about her interest in coercive control.

A single five module course with access to webchats is £50

Anyone purchasing between 20 and 100 courses will receive a 50% discount. Courses will then be £25 per head

Over 100 courses will be further discounted by contacting Jane or Sue at Homicidetimeline@btinternet.com

Single user training can be accessed by following this link:


Links to the webchats will be added next week. They will at first be scheduled for a Friday morning between 1100 and 1200. We look forward to chatting with you and answering any questions about aspects of the training and hearing about your work or experiences.

The DART app will also be available soon updated to include the Homicide Timeline on apple and android devices

Flyer for information

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