IPHT Training

We’ve had the online training available now for a couple of months and feedback has been so so positive. Thank you to those who have taken the time to get in touch with us, its always nice to connect, especially as we’re connecting with people who have been victimised by coercive control and homicide, as well as professionals in many different roles including some passionate investigative journalists. We know that Social Workers, IDVAs, Police Officers, Lawyers, Detectives, Local Authority employees and many others are taking the training. We are definitely starting an important conversation about the realities of domestic abuse and how it may escalate to serious harm or homicide.

Some quotes from those who have completed the training:

I am really enjoying the training course so far- it is so insightful and I hope that very soon this will be mandatory training for all police forces

Just finished the Homicide Timeline training wow! Really impactful and given me an idea for further research”

The Homicide Timeline training is so important to people working in the domestic abuse sector that we’ve signed our entire IDVA service up for it

The training was made during lockdown when domestic abuse and domestic homicide were rising – but most training had to stop. This was mainly because there was a lot of face to face training and the restrictions in place made that impossible. We knew that training and learning were even more important in this time so we managed to get the training together in quite difficult and challenging circumstances. We are so grateful to all the families who helped us and made films about their experiences.

We are providing the training modules to hundreds of professionals at a time, not just in the UK. Interest is spreading across the world – the motivations of coercive control in many contexts are similar, as are the progressions.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us and are part of a concerted effort to change the conversations around domestic abuse and homicide. When the conversations change, and we stop relying on outdated and discriminatory beliefs to explain domestic abuse, we will inevitably start to change the response, from everyone.

If you want to access the training – which is a set of modules you progress through in your own time – then follow this link:

Link to Homicide Timeline Online Training


If you have multiple people who would like to have the training in your organisation there are substantial discounts available. Please email Sue at Homicidetimeline@btinternet.com for more information.

Thank you again to the families who took part, and please consider supporting these wonderful charities run by some of those families.

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