Homicide Timeline Online Training


The online training is about to go live very soon! It has been difficult putting things together in lockdown conditions and aspects have taken longer than we hoped. We have had to do some things in ways we hadn’t planned, but its just about ready to go now and we hope you are all as keen to do the training as you were two months ago!

Intimate Partner Homicide has risen during the Covid-19 restrictions and it is more important than ever to recognise how risk can escalate in a controlling relationship.

We have been lucky to have the support of AAFDA, The Alice Ruggles Trust, The Hollie Gazzard Trust, and SUTDA, as well as other contributors bereaved through intimate partner homicide.

The training has three key aspects across all the five modules:

  1. There are sequential and interactive slides that explain key concepts like coercive control, and discuss each of the eight stages of the timeline individually.
  2. There are short films between one and five minutes long made personally by myself and people bereaved through intimate partner homicide who talk about each stage in the context of their individual experience. There are also some longer films right at the end that you may find interesting.
  3. There will be weekly drop in web chats with myself and others to discuss the training and related areas of interest. These drop-in sessions are optional and informal but give you the opportunity to ask any questions or talk about things that interest you. They are included in the training package.

What you engage with is up to you, but the option is there to look at all the different content. I have put one of the short films on this blog where I talk about the reason I became so interested in this work.

We will be releasing the training over the next couple of weeks and if you are interested please contact us at criminologist@outlook.com. Those of you on the training list will automatically be contacted to let you know as soon as the training is available.


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